Course Summary

Autistic people are seven times more likely to die from suicide than the general population and are significantly more likely to attempt suicide. Research also suggests 66% of Autistic people have experienced suicidal thoughts.

This 1-day live 'virtual' masterclass aims to up-skill practicing mental health professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide appropriate clinical care, including risk assessment and safety planning for Autistic Adolescents & Adults. The workshop is based on the latest international research, policy and practice developments in suicidality, which have been co-designed with researchers, professionals and Autistic people. Dr Ratcliffe utilises her signature style of bringing the latest evidence-based practice to life with real-life clinical and case examples, combined with a range of reflection and interactive activities to keep the learner interested and engaged. Participant skills' practice, combined with new clinical tools for risk assessment and safety planning will help mental health professionals to have increased knowledge, skills and confidence to provide inclusive mental health care to neurodivergent people.

1-day 'Live Virtual' Course Overview

Mental Health Professionals will increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in suicide, self-harm and safety planning for Autistic Adolescents & Adults.

  • Introduction to Suicide & Self-harm in Autistic Adolescents & Adults

  • Risk & Protective Factors for Self-harm & Suicide in Autistic Adolescents & Adults

  • How to Conduct a Suicide Risk Assessment for Autistic Adolescents & Adults (including new tool to measure suicidal behaviour)

  • How to do Safety Planning with Autistic Adolescents & Adults (including new safety planning template(s))

  • Clinical Case Studies - Bringing it all together (including new tool to support Autistic people when triggered/ in crisis)

  • Q & A with Dr Belinda Ratcliffe

  • Certificate of participation on completion of quiz within 1 month of the workshop

  • 8 hours of CPD

Event Details

  • Upcoming Date(s)

    Wednesday 16th February 2022

  • Time

    9-4.30pm (AEST)

  • Breaks?

    Yes of course! - morning tea and afternoon tea (20 minutes each at 10.30am and 3pm) Lunch 12.30-1-30pm

Bonus Material!

  • Access to Suicide Behaviour Questionaire - Autism Spectrum Conditions (SBQ-ASC)

    Developed by Dr Sarah Cassidy (Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham, UK) & colleagues and shared with Dr Cassidy's permission in this training The Suicide Behaviours Questionnaire – Autism Spectrum Conditions (SBQ-ASC)© is a 5 item evidence-based self-report measure (Cassidy, Bradley, Cogger-Ward & Rodgers, 2021) designed to identify suicidal thoughts and suicidal behaviours in autistic adults without co-occurring intellectual disability.

  • Mental Health Autism: Safety Plan Template

    Safety planning is an evidence-based technique (Stanley & Brown, 2012) that provides a step by step plan in the event of a suicidal crisis and has been identified by Autistic People as potentially useful. A worked Clinical Example is provided using the evidence-based MH Autism Safety Plan Template.

  • Breakout rooms!

    This 1-day live virtual workshop provides opportunities for reflection and skills-based practice in virtual 'break-out rooms' for 'real' interaction, support and engagement with your colleagues.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for practicing mental health professionals, and is best suited to those who have completed 'Foundations in Autism for Mental Health Professionals - with Dr Belinda Ratcliffe' or those with previous knowledge, skills and experience in Autism.

  • Psychologists

  • Mental Health Social Workers

  • Mental Health Occupational Therapsists

  • Counsellors

  • Psychiatrists


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Course Prerequisites

Although not essential, it is highly recommended that participants complete Foundations in Autism for Mental Health Professionals -with Dr Belinda Ratcliffe (online, on demand course) prior to completion of this more advanced live virtual workshop

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Lecturer, Author & Clinical Psychologist

Dr Belinda Ratcliffe

Dr. Belinda Ratcliffe, lead author of the award-winning Westmead Feelings Program 1 for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is a highly qualified Principal Clinical Psychologist and Researcher with a PhD in Autism Spectrum Disorder from the Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. Belinda has received multiple prizes in recognition of her work. Dr. Ratcliffe is a former Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology at Western Sydney University, leads a team of Clinicians in South Sydney at 'The Emotions Clinic Australia', dedicated to making a lasting impact in Autism, Intellectual Disability and Mental Health. Dr Ratcliffe provides training, clinical supervision and consultancy across Australia to a range of Health, Disability and Education Government, Non-government and Private agencies, including the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Mater Hospital in Brisbane and NSW Department of Education and Communities.

Suicide, Self-harm & Safety Planning for Autistic Adolescents & Adults

This 1-day live 'virtual' masterclass aims to up-skill practicing mental health professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide appropriate clinical care, including risk assessment and safety planning for Autistic Individuals