Online Courses & Live Virtual Workshops in Autism, Intellectual Disability and Mental Health

Bringing the latest research and evidence-based practice to life with 'real life' clinical expertise in engaging and interactive professional development.

  • Foundations in Autism for Mental Health Professionals - with Dr Belinda Ratcliffe (Online & on demand))

  • Suicide, Self-harm & Safety Planning in Autism - with Dr Belinda Ratcliffe (1-day Live virtual workshop). Sold out for Nov! Next event Feb 16th 2022

  • Clinical Assessment of Intellectual Disability - with Dr Belinda Ratcliffe (2-day live virtual workshop). Sold out for July! Next event March 17-18th 2022

  • Adapted DBT for Intellectual Disability - with Dr Joseph Sakaladan (2-day live virtual workshop) Sold out September 2021! Next event 28-29th April 2022

  • Autism and Psychosis - with Dr Anne Devlin (2.5 hour interactive mini-workshop) (coming 2022!!)

  • Depression, Grief & Down Syndrome - with Laura Dunne (2.5 hours interactive mini-workshop) (coming 2022!!)

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Training in Autism, Intellectual Disability & Mental Health