Course Summary

Almost half (48%) of boys have seen pornography by the age of 13 and almost half (48%) of girls have seen pornography by the age of 15. Over half (56%) of 15-20 males use pornography every week or more often, and 1 in 6 (17%) report using it daily or more often. Children and young people are often exposed to pornography unintentionally (Our Watch, 2020). This 2.5 hour webinar will help mental health professionals to understand pornography’s prevalence and influence and its implications for autistic young people. Participants will learn how we can support autistic young people to navigate respectful, consenting and safe sexuality and relationships in this new reality.

Pornography has become a default sex educator for many young people, with serious implications for their capacity to negotiate free and full consent, for mutual respect, sexual health, and gender equality. For autistic young people, pornography’s influence can be even more challenging. Monotropism, a key characteristic of autism, can make autistic young people particularly vulnerable to the impacts of pornography. The messages conveyed by pornography can be a source of confusion and concern, and shape unrealistic and unhealthy sexual understandings and expectations. At its worst, pornography exposure can increase the likelihood of autistic young people becoming a victim or perpetrator of a sexual crime. This webinar is presented by Maree Crabbe & Dr Wenn Lawson, who are collaborating on an initiative called Porn Is Not the Norm, with the support of disability service provider, Interchange Outer East. Porn Is Not the Norm aims to prevent pornography’s harms to autistic young people by equipping them and those that support them to understand pornography’s prevalence and impacts, and how they can safely navigate healthy and respectful relationships and sexuality in this context. Maree and Wenn will use an engaging combination of teaching approaches, including research; lived experience perspective; clinical experience; and videos produced from interviews with autistic young people, allistic young people, and professionals from the international pornography industry. A live Q&A including Dr Belinda Ratcliffe will enable mental health professionals to ask questions to the expert panel to inform their clinical practice.

2.5 hour 'Live Webinar' (pre-register for 2 weeks access to the live recording)

Mental Health Professionals will increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in Autism, Pornography & Young People in the following areas:

  • Understanding autism - including perspectives from lived experience

  • Autism, young people and technology

  • Autism, young people and sexuality

  • Pornography and young people

  • Pornography, young people and autism

  • What we can do to address porn’s impacts on autistic young people

  • Live Q&A with: Maree Crabbe, Dr Wenn Lawson & Dr Belinda Ratcliffe

  • Certificate of participation on completion of quiz within 1 month of the workshop

  • 2.5 hours of CPD

Event Details

  • Upcoming Date(s)

    Monday July 25th 2022

  • Time

    6-8.30pm (AEST)

  • Breaks?

    Yes! A 10 minute break before the panel discussion commences :)

Who is the course for?

This webinar is designed for mental health professionals.

  • Psychologists

  • Mental Health Social Workers

  • Mental Health Occupational Therapsists

  • Counsellors

  • Psychiatrists

  • Pediatricians

  • Behaviour Support Practitioners


Maree Crabbe and Dr Wenn Lawson

Maree Crabbe is Director of the Australian violence prevention initiative, It’s time we talked. She is an educator, author and filmmaker who is passionate about gender-based violence prevention, and about supporting parents, schools, communities and government to address pornography’s influence on young people: • Dr. Wenn Lawson is an autistic psychologist, researcher, poet & author. He is a family man with autistic children & grandchildren. In 2021 Wenn won the Lesley Hall, disability leadership lifetime achievement award. Wenn is passionate about all things LGBTQIA+ and autism:


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Course Prerequisites

Although not essential, it is highly recommended that participants without prior knowledge and experience in Autism, complete Foundations in Autism for Mental Health Professionals -with Dr Belinda Ratcliffe (online, on demand course) prior to completion of this specialised webinar.